Learn how to use organic content to consistently & effectively sell your high ticket coaching or service offer, in this deep-dive, actionable workshop with Emma Weatherall

What We'll Cover In This Workshop

The Intersection of Your Audience & You

STEP #1 : Uncover your audience and potential clients' inner beliefs, and embrace all the different pieces of what makes your unique messaging stand out - so you can call in clients who resonate deeply with every aspect of what you offer

Breakthrough Content That Connects

STEP #2 : Understand how to convey affinity, authority and insight in engaging ways that create a transformational experience for your audience - enabling them to see the value and impact in the work you do, before they ever spend a dollar!

Storytelling and The Way We Write

STEP #3 : Transformational, effective content is about substance . . . and it's also about style! Magnetic storytelling provides so much scope to inject your personality and flair , while tying together the expert and inspiring ideas you want to share

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